remix of some of my favourite pieces from last week: x x

these, in turn, were remixes of these tracks:

@telechir 's track provides the backbone.. all i did was loop the beat, add a drop, + some reverb and delay in the second half.
@petemaskreplica 's drone provides the whooshy hihatty sounds and horn.. i eq'd the low end a bit so it wasnt so clogged
@davedorgan 's ambient piece brings in the bell sounds. i got some harmonics at 660hz and layered in some tonality too.

Disquiet Junto Project 0234: Remix Ximer
The Assignment: Make one track from three different netlabels, courtesy of a Creative Commons license.

This week’s Junto project builds directly on last week’s, though you needn’t have participated in last week’s to join in this one. This week we’re remixing remixes. The remixes we’re remixing are the pieces that resulted from last week’s project, which involved taking three tracks from different netlabels and making one new track from them. Last week’s Junto project celebrated derivatives, as licensed by the Creative Commons. This week’s celebrates derivatives of derivatives. (Thanks to Audio Obscura, aka Neil Stringfellow, for proposing this week’s project.)

These are the steps:

Step 1: Select and download three tracks from last week’s project, Disquiet Junto 0233:

All the tracks in last week’s project were made from the first 30 seconds of three pre-existing recordings: “HNY” off the album Wormbole by ʞık (Karl & Karlik) on the Bump Foot netlabel, “Pepper Jelly” off the album Recombinations by Andre Darius and Riley Theodore on the Haze netlabel, and “Autista 3” off the album Autista by Pablo Reche on the Impulsive Habitat netlabel.

Step 2: Extract the first 30 seconds from each of the three remix tracks that you selected in Step 1.

Step 3: Create an original piece of work including that source material from Step 2.

More on this 234th weekly Disquiet Junto project — “Make a remix of three tracks of a remix of three tracks, courtesy of a Creative Commons license” — at:

Be sure to credit all the tracks (first and second generation) employed in your piece.

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i'd already done a rap mix of telechir's track (first time i've tried rapping: this is unlikely ever to see the light of day!) so it was good to work on it again

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