made only from this sample of roadworks for ambientonline osd40

track 1: sample run thru the mangle
track 2: sample run thru crazyivan and ambience v1 in live8 but it crashed so i quickly recorded a minute in audacity while it was still playing then paulstretched to 3 minutes
track 3: switched to cecilia5 played the sample thru delaymod
track 4: cecilia5, played sample thru chordmaker took an ambient bit paulstretched x2.5 and reversed the end to fit (and repeat the louder pad from 2:00-2:30)
track 5: pulled track 4 into cecilia5 ran thru multibandharmonizer adjusted the filter live so the frequency gets higher over the track

levels adjusted and recorded in audacity. mixed down, moderate leveling and normalized.

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