some false starts - i was gonna cheat a bit - breathing into a harmonica but it had to be a pretty heavy breath, really unnatural, to get a sound.. similarly didnt get any interesting sounds breathing into the body of a guitar. wanted to do some heavy sample work like @happypuppy2 on his great piece but didnt have time. or using software resonance (but they always add sound i think, dont really get how that works)

i was drawn to breathing into a bottle. yesterday i was talking to my dad about how they tried to cure whooping cough, in medieval times, with the hoot of an owl.. he struggled to understand this concept asking if they tried to catch the hoot in a bottle

i thought the low bottle resonance might go well with the highs in tried it out and thought ok i'm going with this!
only processing was a bit of fading, smoothing and eqing on @dascott 's piece and getting the volumes right

isquiet Junto Project 0219: Breath Dance
The Assignment: Working with artist Paolo Salvagione, create the audio backdrop for a piece of choreography utilizing only the sound of soft breaths.

The artist and engineer Paolo Salvagione is currently working on an extended piece of choreography. This Junto project is the first of likely several that might serve as sonic backdrops for the dance performance, and also as a form of research into the materials and ideas being explored by Salvagione and the dancers. (Audio produced for this Junto project will not be used by Salvagione without its composer’s permission.)

Step 1: You will be creating a short, roughly five-minute piece of quiet music. First, take into consideration the setting. Visualize that the piece would be performed by a young solo female dancer. She is dancing in a large space. The sounds of this Junto are the only sounds accompanying her movement. The sounds should be quiet — they should suggest quietness, peace — yet also work, when amplified, at a volume loud enough to fill the space.

Step 2: Using the sound of soft breaths, make a piece of sound/music roughly five minutes long that meets the criteria of Step 1.

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