i used my favourite bandcamp glitch for this
basically when you duplicate a tab that is playing a bandcamp track it plays it at a slight delay and i wanted to see what that would sound like
i played a simple 2 note phrase over and over with not too many fx but 3 different oscillators
in bandcamp i'd play one duplicate the tab wait for that to start playing and duplicate again over the course of ~3.5 minutes
i wanted to get up to 80 tabs but only made it to 42 (the previous attempts were in the 30s)
weirdly when it got to 7 or 8 tabs open it would hang trying to find a socket but then once it had it would get thru the next 30 no hassle

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Disquiet Junto Project 0249: 80 Phases
Wish the minimalist composer Steve Reich a happy birthday.

Major thanks to Neil Stringfellow for proposing and helping to craft this project.

Project Steps:

Step 1: October 3 marked the 80th birthday of composer Steve Reich. Prepare to record a tribute to him.

Step 2: Select a short segment of sound or music that can be looped and, per Reich’s own technique, “phased.” Fortunately, the song “Happy Birthday” has entered the public domain. Consider using it.

Step 3: Take the segment from Step 2 and play it on repeat, layering the loop with slightly different timing to create a phasing effect. Play around with this, editing the loops until you have some successful or interesting sounds/accidents.

    • Version: 3
    • Type: Original
    • Key: 7
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