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this track is only made from a sample of the entrance to a bike trail at a national park soundcloud.com/ao_onesampledar...-42-sample-file

one for the headphones, lots of quiet detail (testing out my new akg headphones!)
did a lot of twisting and mangling in audacity, not sure i can remember everything
track 1: denoised, echo and delay, then reversed more echo and delay, reversed back.
track 2: denoised sample reversed blurred in paulstretch, echo
tracks 3 - 5: harmonics at 440 hz and 660 hz, pitched down 6c, octaves adjusted in real time (paulstretch standalone)
6: 1-5 mixed down pulled into live run through dimension expander, ambience .1, subtle chorus. rerecorded in audacity with tracks 1-6
7: track 6 run through crazy ivan
track 1B: oh also, i got bits from track 1 and pitchshifted and paulstretched them (like the bike)

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