Disquiet Junto Project 0298: Dungeons & Drum Machines
Make a track with two rolls of a 20-sided die.

rolled a 1 and 12. so i got notes A F E E and rhythm 448888 (altho i misread as three 8s)
appropriate notes as the nearest chord is FACE and i've got pretty bad tooth/ear/headache at the mo.
made in a daze as i got back from rhodes at 2 this morning and had work today.
the drone is from the plane sound. the beat is from a (literally) shitty hotel bin. tried to do 10bpm but it was in audacity so fuzzily quantized...
pitch shifts just done in audacity, beat mastered a bit in audition, extra delay and echo reversal stuff in audacity.
pad made from the plane drone at 6-8 octaves higher with izotope vinyl, six string ambience, podfarm fx

    field recording
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