i'm addicted to harmonica drones at the mo.. but i made this a lot more obscured and dark.
made this with a huge storm blowing outside rattling the windows!


In that empty house,
with broken windows rattling,
a door slams and slams.

This week’s haiku is an evocative poem written by American poet Clement Hoyt. Hoyt started studying haiku and Zen with Nyogen Senzaki in 1936 and became one of the first English-language senryu writers.

Seven days to make music in response to the assigned poem: more info at naviarrecords.com/about/naviar-haiku

DEADLINE: 1st March

Poem by Clement Hoyt terebess.hu/english/usa/hoyt.html

Picture by Paco S unsplash.com/@leoverdura


  • Make music in response to the assigned haiku.
  • If you're a Soundcloud user, upload the track on Soundcloud and message me privately with the track's URL; alternatively you can send me your composition directly via Dropbox
  • Include the assignment number in the title of your track - “Title of your track (naviarhaiku163)”

Please use a Creative Commons license for your track and set it as downloadable if you wish to be included in the podcasts.

For more information visit naviarrecords.com/about/naviar-haiku

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