we just had a little skinny cat in the garden and sadly didnt have any food for her .. i didnt let her into the kitchen- didnt want her getting her hopes up.
i avoid adverts, i don't like the manipulation. why force me to watch ads? it gives me a negative impression of the product!
these things inspired the track

commercial break—
the cat and I
head for the kitchen

William J. Higginson was an American poet, non-fiction author, translator, teacher, and editor. Higginson’s own books include The Haiku Handbook, Wind in the Long Grass (an anthology for children), The Haiku Seasons: Poetry of the Natural World, translations such as Red Fuji: Selected Haiku of Yatsuka Ishihara, and several collections, including Paterson Pieces (poems), Death Is & Approaches to the Edge (poems and essays), and Surfing on Magma (poems). Check out his website for more information.

Poem by William J. Higginson 2hweb.net/wjhigginson

Picture by unsplash.com/@paramir

    Experimental, Drone, ambient
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