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Sergio Cabrera’s influence has been making a big impact on dance floors since the underground rave scene of the early 90’s. Sergio made a name for himself on his native island of Tenerife showcasing new beats and regularly playing before cheering crowds of Old Skool Hardcore, Jungle and Drum and Bass devotees. From humble beginnings playing rundown warehouses and back gardens, Sergio’s popularity quickly won him residencies for Tenerife’s most iconic clubs, playing a mix of UK Garage, 2 Step and Speed Garage. Making the move to London, UK, Sergio soon became resident DJ at N1 Leicester Square, Pacha London and the infamous Polarise nights, playing side by side with Daniel Brosnan, Dom Chevez, Philips and George, Marky D, Remedy, Sonny Wharton, Trophy Twins, Filthy Rich, Hoxton Whores, Ratpack and Slipmatt (SL2) to name a few.

From pulling international crowds to their feet in Tenerife at Paradise Club, Busby’s and Bobby’s, El Establo and the Joyce Bar, Sergio moved permanently to London to pursue his passion for audio engineering. He studied at the world famous SAE institute and went on to record, edit and mix for documentary and fashion film soundtracks. He has released tracks with labels like Madison Square Records, Monkey Show Records and ExperimentalBass Records. With airplay on radio stations like Essentialclubbers and Renegade FM, Sergio’s music style is diverse, encompassing everything from Old Skool Hardcore, Drum and Bass and Jungle to Funky House, Electro Tech House, House and Breakbeat.

Sergio’s undeniable flare for mixing Old Skool Hardcore with new and exciting beats has seen him develop a music portfolio that exemplifies his wealth of knowledge that is intrinsically tied to his musical roots in the heyday of rave culture. However firmly rooted his sound might be, it hasn’t stopped Sergio from exploring exciting new territories as a dance music artist.
Staying true to his innate curiosity and persistent obsession for advances in software applications, Sergio has evolved into a multi-genre producer offering an almost painterly palette of sounds and interesting mixes. His acute sense of hearing and attention to detail filters the subtle changes of a polyphonic composition, complementing his versatility and vast technical knowledge.
The inquisitive mind of this young Spanish producer has drawn him to explore the direct psychological and physiological responses associated with compositional frequencies, leading him down the path of psychoacoustics and sound installations. As of now, Sergio has only scratched the surface of his musical possibility as he continues to dive into the creative depths of music production to develop a sonic language of his own. He has set out on a mission to stimulate our brains and expand our perceptual responses in ways that will take our receptors on a next-level musical journey. We eagerly await his upcoming work.

“Creating music in a studio is great as you know it will create a response - a feeling - when it’s heard, but nothing compares the immense feeling of joy I get from playing in front of a crowd that goes wild at the movement of my fingertips.”

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    Breakbeat, Nu Skool Breaks
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 88 bpm
    • Key: Ebm
    • Wood End Lane, Northolt UB5 4JH, United Kingdom
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