“Laaaadies and Ladylovers! Rock n roll all the drums and unleash all the porn-icorns! The stay-puft Marshmallow Man of Love, Mr Stabalina is finally releasing his debut EP. We’ve been waiting for months to unleash this sexy beast upon your badass-est of ears, and your funkiest of anuses. Can you pluralise an anus? Mr Stabalina can! He can do anything. He invented asses, at least, the very great shaking of them. He can probably walk on frozen water and could almost nearly definitely feed five with loaves and fishes!

We know you’ll love him, he is one of the nicest bumbling heroes of our time, Such production skills in one so young, he’s like a non green Yoda. Last summer we carefully introduced him to all his heroes at Shindig Weekender, only for him to accidentally fail at meeting any of them! Missing a backstage chat with JFB being a prime example, just because he spent 3 minutes scouring the ground with a grim determination for his lost fag. Heartbreakingly cute.

Right. Take a deep breath. Relax, undo a button, pour a glass of wine (or chocolate milk). Without further ado, it is quite simply Mr Stabalina's time to shine, and we gaurnatee everything in your life from this point forward will be somewhat brighter for it.”

P.S. Enjoying this EP? Support invited toward his SoundCloud, where the first (of three) accompanying Mr Stabalina Freemixes is available @ soundcloud.com/mrstabalina/mr-...records-freemix

Mr Stabalina
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Artwork by Morphosis: facebook.com/morph0515
Promo blurb by Fat Harry: facebook.com/Fat-Harry-216117141875072
Mastering by Warp9: warp9music.com/mastering

    Scour Records, Artist Series, Rock The Party EP, Juno Download, Scoured
    • Release Date: 18-12-15
    • 110 bpm
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