Dark Indulgence 06.21.20 Industrial | EBM | Synthpop Mixshow by Scott Durand featuring advance preview tracks from System Syn | Blue Ant ft Bridgette Hill | Prosthetic Patient | AM Tierpark plus brand new music from Dimitri Berzerk ft Claus Larsen | Teatre | Riotlegion | Demon Machine | Alienare | Nordstaat | ManMindMachine | Deflexity | We The North | System 6 & more.


SYSTEM SYN - Once Upon a Second Act
Blue Ant ft Bridgette Hill - Living On Video (Trans-x Cover)
Demon Machine - Feed Yourself
Thrillsville - Lockdown
Deflexity - Vertebrae (Dicepeople Remix)
Asphyxia - Without you (unreleased track)
Riotlegion - Liberation
The Elegant - I´m the one (Radio Edit)
depotek - No Tomorrow (Boots on the Ground Mix)
ManMindMachine - RetroFuturist
System 6 - Mannipulate (Matt Hart Mix)
Prosthetic Patient - Leave with us (Spankthenun remix)
Damascus Knives - Why Not Accept Me
Hostile Architect - Hostile Theme
We The North - Understand Me
Forever Dawn - Primordial Spark
Synthetische Lebensform - Rustle Of Metal Springs
Am Tierpark - Not Welcome (Releases June 26)
Teatre - Defeated By Own Hands
Nordstaat - Singularity - Second Coming
New Neon - The Monument (Dark Side Elektro Remix)
Bedless Bones - Drifting (Nuclear Sludge Remix)
Meshes X ft Lera Foer - Бессмыслица
Asdean - Сумрачный Страж / Sumrachniy Strazh sin dios remix by Larva)
Reality's Despair - the malthusian catastrophe
Dimitri Berzerk ft Claus Larsen - Ctrl+Alt+Del (C-Lekktor Remix)
P.a.X. - Palla.amb.Xinxetes.
SYSTEM SYN - The Wreckage

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    industrial, darkwave, dark, goth, gothic, aggrotech, dark electro, electro, german techno, industrial techno, dark techno, berlin, wax trax, synthpop, futurepop
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