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    SCORPIOS / Nour - Arabian Nights

    SCORPIOS / Nour - Arabian Nights by Scorpios / Mykonos
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First to herself, as it goes, searching for a sound that would reverberate with her soul, Nour ultimately found one in between various genres, modulated by her moods. She connects to music through a myriad of influences originating from her abound personal experiences living in very different, often contradictory, cultural and natural environments. Born Palestinian, ever since cosmopolitan... This alone speaks volumes.

NOUR emerged as a consummate and inimitable stage identity first in Toronto, her more or less permanent base, then on the international scene through her involvement with a number of momentous and paradigmatic projects. Papaya Playa Project in Tulum (Mexico) is most notably one of them, a Caribbean brainchild of legendary Bar 25/Kater Holzig (once and to be always the case). She has been a resident with the beach club since 2012 – the one-of-a-kind open-plan venue that, through ecstatic reviews in the global Media (from Vogue to Wall Street Journal), has allegedly kick-started the development of the entire area making the small town one of the most desirable destinations in the world.

Since 2014, she has been in charge of the scene at Gitano, another and most recent gypset outpost in Tulum, booking DJs worldwide for her time-off at the decks in the jungle.

2015 saw her full-time and in different capacities involved in kicking off Scorpios, a brand new beach club in Mykonos, Greece – but primarily so as a resident DJ there sharing the stage with the likes of Acid Pauli, NU, Christopher Schwarzenegger, Dimitri from Paris, Louie Vega, to name a few.

Her list of gig associations is long and includes such names as Daniel Bortz, Tiefschwarz, Psychemagik, Capablanca, Mia Lucci, Pilocka Krach, Fritz Zander, Alex, Soukie&Windish, Oceanvs Orientalis, Trickski, HVOB, Nitin, Silky.

It's Berlin and, specifically, Kater Blau that NOUR considers her favorite venue. It never takes long before one sees her name reprinted on its famous SASOMO billboard.

Her credo is Deep House of the kind that makes NOUR always in the right place with it. Who does not love it deep? Anything but shallow and fake.

    0:00   Simon Shaheen & Qantara - Blue Flame
    6:40   Le Trio Joubran - Nawwâr
    17:20   Majid Bekkas - Sahara Blues
    27:00   Bassam Ayoub - Longa
    27:40   Bassam Ayoub - Modnaka Gafa
    29:40   Chraïbi - Taksim (Improvisation) dans le maquam mohayar
    34:40   Le Trio Joubran - Zawâj El Yamâm
    39:40   Chraïbi - Mystique
    43:40   Holiwater Band - Darbuka
    47:40   Omar Faruk Tekbilek - Shashkin
    54:00   Saib Chraibi - Taksim Dans Le Maqam Hijaz
    1:02:40   Anello Capuano - Bruno Assenmacher - Ay Jan / Alap Robab / Srang Srang Srang (Afghanistan)
    1:08:20   Omar Faruk Tekbilek - Egyptian Dance
    1:22:20   Simon Shaheen & Qantara - Olive Harvest
    1:29:40   Bassam Ayoub - Zeynat
    1:33:20   Chraïbi - Taksim dans le maquam mahour
    1:46:00   Juan Martin - Evocacion - De Damasco A Cordoba
    1:54:20   Bassam Ayoub - Houwa Sahih Al Hawa Ghallab
    2:00:00   Juan Martin - Rumba Nostalgica
    2:11:00   Gipsy Kings - Tampa
    2:23:00   Omar Bashir - Zorony

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