Ninze & Okaxy, who just presented their debut as Wide Awake with buddy Niju on Laut & Luise, come up with their "Sidereal Times EP" on Underyourskin Records. Both originals "High" and "Air" perfectly reflect the mood of the two fresh producers. Softly creating deep and comfortable sounds, the tracks open up dreamy spheres.

Munic based producer 959er attends to "Air" and turns it into one nice remix that perfectly fits into the surrounding of the record. But the highlight of the vinyl is brought to you by Dwig, who already released fantastic tracks on Giegling or Laut & Luise. His interpretation of "High" brings a special spice to the whole, while the track appears as a technoid and driving journey to move every lazy bone. One incredible good track! You can exclusively listen to Dwig's remix in full length at our house, just before the release will be in your favourite record store from Friday this week. Enjoy!

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