It feels almost stupid to choose a category when setting the preferences for this mix, 'techno' being the obvious choice. Mills is Techno and Techno means barely nothing without Him.
That's one of several sessions I dedicated to Him, including a couple exclusively focused on his legendary 'Something in the Sky' series. This one taps solely into his Purpose Maker and Axis releases. It's been fully improvised from the vinyls I then had at my disposal and comprises around 30 tracks.
This is a very humble attempt at using this iconic material as pure vinyl mixing weaponry and was initially intented for my own personal enjoyment, but after many many listens, I've decided that the overall set was OK enough to share publicly. There are mistakes and flaws, as in 'weak transitions', but at times it works well and serves its main purpose : entering Mr Mills' unique mental and sonic space. and beg for more.

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