00:00 ZADUNAISKY - Paintings In The Dark
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•soundcloud• bit.ly/31CfdyA
•video• youtu.be/dcxYn8ZaTbI

04:48 DJ HOUSEPLANTS - I Don't Mind
•support on bandcamp• bit.ly/2VCP7HU
•soundcloud• bit.ly/2YVAEt3
•video• youtu.be/ojIKSYLk-Nc

07:44 DeRIJK - An Evening With Soplica
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•soundcloud• bit.ly/2YQIu6X

12:00 MURPHY 2080 - Feel
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•soundcloud• bit.ly/2YPqKZG
•video• youtu.be/sJuL6FLdC6s

15:12 GLANSLIN - Cold
•support on bandcamp• bit.ly/3gnecih
•soundcloud• bit.ly/3eVgTqM
•video• bit.ly/2ZsbrFv

18:40 RICKY RAZU - A New Way
•support on bandcamp• bit.ly/31BFWvt
•soundcloud• bit.ly/2VzcPoA
•video• youtu.be/Jv7eRvquIIs

22:56 DJ HOUSEPLANTS - Was Lost And You Found Me
•support on bandcamp• bit.ly/2D1g166
•soundcloud• bit.ly/2YVAEt3
•video• youtu.be/Kxc01kPYL0U

25:36 GLANSLIN - Blinded (feat. nobody)
•support on bandcamp• bit.ly/3gnecih
•soundcloud• bit.ly/3eVgTqM
•video• youtu.be/UGYYewjAXQI

27:28 MONOLITHIC - You Won't Even Call Me
•support on bandcamp• bit.ly/38me3ZB
•soundcloud• bit.ly/2YVHlvb
•video• youtu.be/FCLZVEGyUFw

32:00 LUCAS NORDQUIST - Accord
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•soundclound• bit.ly/3dOa49n
•video• youtu.be/aUlkXQP_sTw

36:48 TRUDGE - Her Touch
•support on bandcamp• bit.ly/2VFTLoR
•soundcloud• bit.ly/2ZwbTT4
•video• youtu.be/pCb0cnp-Rmw

40:16 SOELA - Close Your Eyes
•support on bandcamp• bit.ly/3ghdQJL
•soundcloud• bit.ly/2Zrf26N
•discogs• bit.ly/2VDd3LD

44:00 2XM - I Don't Feel Pain
•support on bandcamp• bit.ly/3dSBmLR
•soundcloud• bit.ly/3dPuvT5
•discogs• bit.ly/31D4XpN

48:00 COMPUTER DATA - Selbstbesinnungen
•support on bandcamp• bit.ly/2NQaZLI
•soundcloud• bit.ly/2Zyb1gG
•video• youtu.be/WT1DkdDZ-1w

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    House, Deep house, Lo-FI House, lo-fi, Underground Lo-Fi
    • Type: Mix
    • Köln, Germany
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