denial.of.service > PPG Phonem demo #002 > "Requiem für einen Mond"

  • Wolfgang Palm's PPG-Phonem goes on sale Wednesday 18th Nov 2015

  • 'Die Sonne Der Mond Die Sterne' / traditional //Kraftwerk_unreleased c.1975
  • excerpts from studies on 'Requiem for Mezzo Soprano - Lux Aeterna' // György Ligeti

3 instances of PPG-Phonem
all Soprano/vocal clusters stem from a single PPG-Phonem patch - played & modulated in real-time, as do all of the Stockhausen-esque modulations (ultimately morphing into Zeit-era Tangerine Dream drones).
all original patches by ddos

everything was bounced out from Ableton Live v9.5 completely dry and without any further processing at all (no EQ, no compression, no edits). All reverberation, panning-mod & delay courtesy of the PPG-Phonem.

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