128 BPM G 6:54 min. Trance with vocals of Tuvan throat singers

The voices of Nibazy is a trance track with ethnic sounds from tibet and vocals of Tuvan throat singers. The art of Tuvan throat singing is a style in which one or more pitches sound simultaneously over a fundamental pitch, producing a unique sound, more information about Tuvan throat singing at Wikipedia and Alash. Alash ensemble is a trio of master throat singers (xöömeizhi) from Tuva (Tyva), a tiny republic in the heart of Central Asia. Tuva historically had nine kozhuuns (districts), one is named Nibazy. The ancient art of throat singing (xöömei) developed among the nomadic herdsmen of this regions. Alash remains grounded in this tradition while expanding its musical vocabulary with new ideas from the West.

    Trance, ethnic, vocaltrance
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