128 BPM A 5:52 min. Original mix and 3:59 Radio edit (Electro House). Last year i visited the 'retired' short wave transmitter station of radio Kootwijk (1918-2004).The transmitters played an important role as communication facility between the Netherlands and it's former colony of Dutch East Indies. 'Building A' (also named 'the Cathedral' or 'the Sphynx') has a unique design (Dutch architect Julius Maria Luthmann) and is an official monument nowadays, used for cultural events, film productions (Mindhunters 2004 with LL Cool J), etc. Queen mother Emma opened the radiotelegraph service with Dutch East Indies in 1929 with the famous words 'Hello Bandung, here The Hague'. Official website radio Kootwijk (Dutch language).

    Electro House
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