14K4 128 BPM D# 6:02 minutes Techno (Chiptunes/Game console sounds)

Remake/remix of my 2013 version of 14K4. The track 14K4 was originally born from a demo i made for the Chiptunes soundset of Tone2's Electra2 sampler/synth. This set contains sounds of classic computer and game consoles (Mario, Tetris, etc.) and remembers to the '80's computers like Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Atari ST. etc. At the image my first ZX Spectrum with MIDI interface to controle my old synth's in the early '80's.

    Techno, Chiptune, Game Music, chiptunes, video game music, videogame
    • Type: Original
    • 128 bpm
    • © All rights reserved
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