I really enjoy working on these quiet little semi-trippy ballad type things, but then when I listen back a month or two later I can’t figure out why I liked it and then I never listen to it again. I can see this song’s future.

I put delays onto the rhythm guitars where one channel is an 1/8 note and the other is a dotted 1/8 note. Then on the lead I did the same, one amp track got a 1/2 note and the other got a dotted 1/2 note. I think I wanted them to ping pong around. It didn’t really work and then I ended up with about 17 minutes of delay trails at the end of the song. HA! Love it!

Guitars were all ES-335 Pro. All guitar tracks were through two amps at once, a Vox AC15 and a Fender Bassbreaker 15. Rhythm guitar used an MXR Univibe because earlier that day I listened to a ton of Tommy Bolin records, a Klon KTR and a Wampler Faux Tape Echo for a little slap back. The leads used a Dunlop Crybaby wah and a Klon KTR.

Its no use

its taking
its sweet time
its making
its way home

Verse 1
there’s no telling
how it’s going
there’s no telling
where its heading

There’s no saying
there’s no guessing
what’s the use now
what’s the use

Verse 2
Would you tell me
what you’re thinking
are you hinting
what you’re feeling

Am I getting
any nearer
Am I moving
close to you

Verse 3
what’s the answer
to your question
the solution
its here somewhere

Am I getting
any nearer
Am I moving
close to you

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    • 86 bpm
    • Key: Em
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