Did you see any of the articles recently that talked about the John Cage piece? Cage wrote what is unquestionably the slowest piece of music ever performed. A machine was designed in order to play the entire piece and recently it changed chord for the first time in something like seven years.

If that’s the slowest tempo ever, this is the second slowest tempo ever. 43 bpm in 6/8 time. I can’t even say I did it as a gimmick, the guitar part was worming its way through my head for a day or so before I started working it out in GarageBand.

It feels a little long. Maybe if I could trim a little fat off of it I could use it as an album closer. Something like that.

All of the guitar tracks were done on a Gibson ES-335 through two amps, a Fender Bassbreaker 15 and a Vox AC15. The pedals on the rhythm guitar were a Klon KTR and a Malaise Forever Black Lives Matter. The leads have a Mooer E-Lady… or ElecLady… what ever it’s called. They make the same flanger with different names and I don’t remember which one I have. It also used the KTR.

B & D
What if I had told you how I really felt
long before the day where we could finally speak
would it change the way that you felt about me
would it make a difference to the way you feel

No disguise
Open eyes
do you see the way I do
No surprise
One more time
Do you feel the way I do

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    • 86 bpm
    • Key: Bm
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