This show will concentrate on the deeper, stranger (conventionally anyway) and sometimes darker side to my musical taste.
I will also have guest DJs on from time to time who will be showcasing their take on this idea. They'll take us through around an hour of what they think fits the show. Hopefully on occasion with a short interview or intro as to what we're listening to.

The name of the show comes from a conversation I was having a conversation with a friend while having a few whiskeys and listening to some pretty strange, dark but also melodic tracks. We were describing the parts that we enjoyed the most and whilst doing so I managed to describe 8 quarters to the track, the sixth being my favourite.....ever since then he has ripped me every time we talk and I always think of 'the sixth quarter' when listening to deeper or just strange music....... You had to be there I guess.

There's going to be techno, downtempo and other 'electronic' styles, but also other genres too so as always there's going to be something for everyone.

    Radioshow, Eclectic Radio Show, eclectic, Melodic Techno, Downtempo, Nu Jazz, Chill Out, Chillout, Random
    • 87 bpm
    • Key: Gm
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