MiniMix of the Wake 'N' Bake EP by Leygo introduced by The Kurnel MC, big thanks to our good friend Selecta Demo of Titan Sound for the review.

"Way in my brain, no cocaine, I don't want to, I don't want to go insane".......
When Under Mi Sleng Teng was launched on an unsuspecting public at the historic sound clash between the legendary King Jammy's Soundsystem and the mighty Black Scorpio Sound on February 23, 1985 in Kingston, Jamaica who could have suspected the impact it would have on the world of music and how long it's influence would remain prevelant.

Sound the airhorn and fast forward 31 years, skip (4,638.43 miles) across the Atlantic ocean to Nottingham, England, home of Relative Dimensions very own beatmeister extraordinaire and riddim revitaliser Leygo for his 2016 reimagining of that unmistakeable monsterous Casio melody. The man Leygo pays tribute to the original and takes it into territories never before conquered. Conquered they are, and then some, building to a riotus drop whilst morphing into a breakbeat beast of dancefloor smashing proportions. Set to tear up parties where ever it's played "Sleng Teng 2016" is 100% pure fiyaaah.

Next up on the EP release Leygo keeps with the uptempo carnival style inspiration, another well seasoned vocal and melody getting his trademark breaks rework. "Heading High" remoulds the rum & beach soaked voice of Mr Vegas' ridiculously addictive "Heads High" into a roaring breaks and bass workout. Tell them Leygo say so.

Maintaining the vibes and taking things into a perfect reggae & breaks fueled sunset finale. "Skanking High" is indeed a dirty skanking badman ting with a broad grin, a warming hug and a booming soundsystem. So many familiar elements layered up to bring a huge slice of musical sunshine to life. Taking the UK Garage smash "Fly Bi" from Sparks & Kie and masterfully weaving it through a skanked out, shuffling, exhibition of why Leygo is undoubtedly one of the sharpest (& nicest) heads in the business.

Release Date 02/09/16

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