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Reason 2 Funk - Our Passion is House Music...
Founded by Jon Hart to showcase underground house music from all the talent around the globe with a "real" passion for house music.
Slowly but surely reason2funk is becoming more and more known for its passion for showcasing seriously talented and more importantly passionate House DJs from all parts of the globe.

Reason 2 Funk was started in 2013 by DJ Jon Hart, it was started as a brand to launch our first online radio show on Chicago House FM (Reason 2 Funk Fridays with DJ Jon Hart & smileALWAYS).

The brand was then carried through to both Sugar Shack Recordings & Amsterdams Most Wanted as we were offered radio shows on their sites to.

Reason 2 Funk fast became quite well known amongst the online radio sites and we decided to give the brand a fresh look that was more recognisable in order to continue its growth.

Reason 2 Funk are now producing music and are looking to release some tracks in early-mid 2015, which will be the launch of "Reason 2 Funk Records" as a label, however in the meantime Reason 2 Funk will be releasing weekly podcasts from its featured DJs and guest mixes from talent all over the world.

Reason 2 Funk has a variety of House sounds that can suit any House orientated venue or night. For bookings of any of our reason2funk family of DJs (no matter where in the world) - please contact Jon Hart on 00 +44 (0)7749 477515 or email us at

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