OK, so this guy was someone I connected with right at the beginning of my new found online house family along with a few others... since then ive worked with him on artwork for his nights, rebranded his label Native Soul Recordings, stuck by him through hard times which if you dont know about all you need to know is it must have been hard and all I could do was lend helpful words from way over here in the UK.

I feel like i know this guy really well although we have never met and I know his passion for the underground house scene mirrors mine 100%.

So im stoked to announce the bonus second mix this weekend - an unexpected submission from a good friend and dope DJ / Producer - Bobby Breezy...

Seriously dope mix bro and thanks for eventually throwing one our way, I know youve had a lot on your plate so to recieve this without prompt was dope man - massive respect and stoked to see you back on your feet bro.

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy!!! this ones hot!!


    13:00   Josh Butler - The Essence of House
    33:00   Sandy Rivera - Take Away My Pain
    36:40   Demarkus Lewis - Catch The Train

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