It's been a while! I hope everyone is doing well!
Here is once again another 200bpm bass pumping mix!

Also, the last song is as thanks to the man that opened the my world to J-Core. To me he is the root of all J-core, that have inspired for this genre to grow even till today.

Till next time!

ps: This is a re-re-take from the online stream.

01) Re-Construction EX-001 - @lieber-bitter-samplinger - [LWPC-003]
02) Re:Tracks - @you-hardcore - [JNEX0002]
03) NY Yearning - @hightrancesea feat.初音ミク - πped
04) Ashdream - @srav3r - [YTRR-015]
05) Your Name - @lolistylegabbers - [LWPC-003]
06) 千本桜(かめりあ Remix) - 黒うさ - EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Entrance Dream Music 3
07) Nostalgia Feelings - 3R2 - [YTRR-008]
08) ようこそジャパリパークへ (3R2 Japari-Core Remix) - どうぶつビスケッツ×PPP - 3R2
09) Runtime Error - @sethna
10) Fake Promise - @djsharpnel - [SRPC-0024]

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