In this rise-and-shine episode, Father Molotov invites Brother Breakfast PhD (geopolitics correspondent, democracy strategist and thorn in the side of emperors from Sydney, Australia,) and asks him all the typical sunday morning questions.

What are the three reasons we start wars?
Are there good wars?
Should we worry about a big ass war in our lifetime?
How can we Kak Kak crew conquer the planet to prevent that?

A solid soundtrack of geopolitics-themed reggae tunes and inner peace hits adds some swag to this enterlightening conversation, that will leave you a lot more informed about the state of the world yet not wanting to run away and get drunk to forget.

Hey superhero, get your feet down to earth and click play, you will glimpse into the life of the real superpowers of this world, and how they make history outside our windows.

This episode was first broadcasted in October 2020 and then edited to max out its awesomeness and hide our identities and real agenda.

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