The dragon is back, out there the situation is still crazy, music is the medicine, the pharmacist is again depressed

Sometimes we lose the way but the way doesn’t lose us. With a magic trick, the unfolding of history, and the story of your life, get frozen, for an hour or so. Behind the doors of a secret location Father Molotov is playing underground afrolatin, reggae and funky music talking into a borrowed microphone. Surprise guest and professional oracle Dr Wow is providing wisdom and guidance for those that wanna hear it. Those that have tuned in and will tune in to listen get sad, get mad, get happy, dance some bits, score and have some entirely new thoughts.

This show was first broadcasted live in September 2020 and then sanitized and uploaded here just for you to enjoy. Are you still hesitating? You are the main hero. Go for it, put it in your ears.

Buddy of Dr Wow
Game: The secret of Planet Kakkak

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    Chillout, news, afrobeat, latin, cumbia, dub, hope
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    • Somewhere in Europe
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