I've been a fan of the music of Cousin Silas for several years. His repertoire spans many aspects of the ambient genre and never fails to capture the imagination. If you enjoy relaxing ambient, tranquil moments or just want to chill-out then this is for you.

I would like to say thanks to the owner of Classwarkaraoke for granting permission to use Conflict in Sector 45. As always, these are tracks that I really like and which I have singled out for use on this compilation set.

All the albums are available from the links below. Check them out - you will not be disappointed.

00:00 Low Cloud Formations [Amidst Silence] --http://www.batenimnetlabel.net/BN_LP012_02_15.html--
06:34 Sinister Intent [The Sound Of Silas] --http://weareallghosts.bandcamp.com/album/the-sound-of-silas-waag-cdr001--
15:31 Future Tense [The Sound Of Silas] --http://weareallghosts.bandcamp.com/album/the-sound-of-silas-waag-cdr001--
20:12 To The Other Side [Canaveral Dreams] --https://archive.org/details/CousinSilas_CanaveralDreams--
27:17 The Evening Falls [The Place It Used To Be] --http://sucumusic.weebly.com/-cousin-silas-the-place-it-used-to-be-scm-1402.html--
36:51 A Call At Midnight [[GHOST BOX] Radio Dark Ambient Compilation Vol. 1: Telephone to the Dead] --https://archive.org/details/GhostBoxRadio-vol1--
43:24 Slow Expansion [Unhinged Constellations] --https://archive.org/details/waag_rel005--
48:35 Conflict In Sector 45 [Diversions For Guitar] --https://classwarkaraoke.bandcamp.com/album/cousin-silas-diversions-for-guitar--
53:57 The Path Between The Trees [The Path Between The Trees] --https://archive.org/details/waag_rel001--
1:00:33 Hangman's Moor [The Place It Used To Be] --http://sucumusic.weebly.com/-cousin-silas-the-place-it-used-to-be-scm-1402.html--
1:09:11 The Old Ones Awaken [Chain Reaction] --https://archive.org/details/V.a.ChainReactionkopp.16--
1:14:08 Ascending [Weaving Portraits] --http://sucumusic.weebly.com/-cousin-silas-weaving-portraits-scm-1407.html--
1:19:30 Fresh Landscapes [Complex Silence 09] --https://archive.org/details/Complex_Silence_9--
1:25:21 An Act Of Kindness [Prisoner Of The Coral Deep] --http://www.bfwrecordings.com/releases/CousinSilas/PrisonerOfTheCoralDeep/--

    15:40   Cousin Silas - Future Tense

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