Starting on October 1st, 2008 and fortnightly thereafter on - a high quality 12 hour open mic recording from David Mancuso's last Prince St Loft party held on the 2nd of June 1984.
This version has been painstakingly edited and restored : recorded on a minidisc, the sound had a lot of flaws that needed to be addressed.
4 weeks of work have been necessary to clean the high frequencies and restore them, removing some harshness in the process and providing a more realistic output. Only 2 plugins were used in the end, keeping the integrity of the sound at its maximum level. The bass frequencies remained untouched and the punch and clarity of the Klipschorns are present as they were in the original broadcasted show (dynamics have been preserved too as no compressors were used during the restoration).
All I wanted was to preserve the "vibe" of the original recording. Play this loud to feel the Klipschorns !
Files edited under Steinberg Wavelab 6.0 --- plugins : Vst Stereo Tool ; Waves C4 (only in the 8/20KHz area to prevent harshness) --- SonarWorks --- Headphones : Ollo S4 ; AKG K 702 ; RHA T20 --- Final Check on JBL L 26 ugraded loudspeakers --- Flac files (Level 5) converted using dBpoweramp --- For a lossless audio quality, listen to these on a pc / mac on your webbrowser !

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    • 119 bpm
    • Key: Em
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