Profile description of DJ R Factor:

"I love music more than I love people"

  • Jeff Mills
    Dedication is a key to a lock called success, you need to blow it to the best at any consequences.Sometimes it takes a second thought though, to select between passion and proffession,and for the same tough times,you need to walk along to face them off.
    This is the amount of passion that is required for a DJ to achieve success. DJ R FACTOR ~ The person responsible for an occasion called DANCE .
    His nerve for music made him apart from many things,opposed by his parents but still left his passion leading to his proffession,early started with playing guitar and other synth instruments.
    Love for music stays undefined so is his talent for beats he spins,DJ R FACTOR is one of them who lives for his passion. He believes that sometimes you have to shake your own world and people around you to enjoy the rebellious side of life. That is what DJ’ing is all about. His dedication to fusion music is evident in the tracks he spins. His personal feats include live rapping and synth orientations all with an ultimate 4 channel mixing at one time.Also standing amongst the top few Dj's of Pune,he makes it a carved niche for a perfectly blended party...Dj R Factor is capable at spinning wicked
    tunes across all genres and is capable of keeping a
    party rocking with ease. He does this by reading
    crowds and adapts his performance to suit his
    audience rather than what he feels like listening to.
    His music tells a story and takes people through a
    journey as the night progresses.
    Well starting his careers with private gigs n then to club life, he's probably spinned to many of the party joints....

And lot more places to explore and spread his passion...
Its very true that his work speaks for him,Impressions just follow throughout....Only living with a reel moto of his proffesional life and that says....

DJ R FACTOR says “If a D.J could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music” And say it he does!!

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