This wasn't planned to be Deleuze tribute or a philosophical set but rather built with a partial background idea of jazz. At the end Deleuze jointed and helped to resolve a problem on one of the last tracks, where he speaks, so he is there in honor as achiever helper, from Omega to Alpha.

Gilles Deleuze, french philosopher (1925-1995):

Deleuze's Alphabet Book: R For Resistance:

Idea: There is a certain shame of being human with all attached negativity; arts, science, philosophy are acts of Resistance.

The 1st of Mai 2015

    0:00   Michal Menert - Jettison
    6:00   Portico - Atacama
    10:40   Thriftworks - 180°
    14:40   Larry Gus - Nettles (In the Heat)
    20:40   MDH - Get Down
    31:40   Clap! Clap! - Kuj Yato
    35:00   Davide Squillace & PLUGGER - Waxoline
    37:00   Persian Empire - Dopamin
    40:40   Kill Bill - Black Coffee
    1:04:40   Craig Armstrong - Magic Tree And I Let Myself Go

    Electronica, bass, beats, Deleuze, Philosophy
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