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1.Pars Lunae by Russ Liquid
2.Midnight on the Moon by Robot Koch
3.House Sitter by Triftworks
4.Carousel (Bleep Bloop Remix) by Melanie Martinez
5.Everyday Anyone by N O M I N A L
6.Downsighs by VNDMG + ccceccc
7.Blossom by Black Atlass
8.TIED2U (Danecdote Remix) by XXYYXX
9.Money by Ruckazoid
10.Deem Teem by Thriftworks
11.Denial by Bleep Bloop
12.Posse by Nite School Klik
13.Myhomies by Planet Soap
14.Soda Pop by Noer The Boy
15.78DK by Mophono
16.Merkabah (Moresounds Dub) by Om Unit vs. Kromestar
17.Gates To Heaven by Chrome Sparks

The 23h of August 2015

    0:00   Russ Liquid - Pars Lunae
    3:40   Robot Koch - Midnight On The Moon feat. Sneaky
    6:40   Thriftworks - House Sitter
    8:20   Melanie Martinez - Carousel
    19:40   Black Atlass - Blossom
    26:00   Ruckazoid - Money
    30:00   Thriftworks - Deem Teem
    32:40   Bleep Bloop - Denial
    34:20   Nite School Klik - Posse
    42:20   Noer the Boy - Soda Pop
    45:00   Mophono - 78DK
    47:40   Kromestar - Merkabah
    51:40   Chrome Sparks - Gates of Heaven

    Electro, sweat beats, bass
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