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    Disko Ole & Pujd - Rusty Nail (ekstra rusten miks)

    Disko Ole & Pujd - Rusty Nail (ekstra rusten miks) by Pujd
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Live non-stop-mixing by Pujd and Ole Martin.

Vinyl, Technics, Alpha Recordingsystem.

Made under the influence of Tennessee Honey Whiskey at the Sunday Service headquarters.

Juju Christian feat. Affi Darrah - Mombra Mienji Yeni (Tolido Soul Rework I) [Juju Music]‎
Aybee feat. Omega - In Every Way Deep Explorer]
Ron Trent ‎– Human League Electric Blue]
0101 - Try to say (Sju's Future Shock Remix) [Sorry for this records]
Joe DiPadova Featuring Ryan "RB" Brown & Tara Kimes ‎– Papago Morning (Ihane Dub) [Tribal Winds]
Alton Miller feat. Bantu Soul - Ngizo Ku Linda Moods & Grooves]
Arno E. Mathieu - Astral Caravan (Kuniyuki Remix) Mule]
Presence - Sense Of Danger (MCDE Other Thing Dub) [Juno]
Craig Huckaby - The Answer [Still]
Rhythim is Rhythim - Strings of life
Deep'a & Biri - Hova [We Love Recordings]
Chez N Trent - The Choice (New Dub Mix) [KMS]
Chez Damier - Never Knew Love (Made in Detroit mix) [KMS]
A Guy Called Gerald - Eyes Of Sorrow [CBS]
Jungle Wonz ‎– The Jungle (Jungle mix) [Trax]
Jungle Wonz ‎– Time Marches On (Justin Strauss) [Vendetta]
Soulphiction - Some Things Remain [Philpot]
Robert Owens - Visions
Boo Williams - Moon Man's Return [Headphoniq]
Jordan GCZ ‎– Crybaby J [Off Minor]
Wall Of Sound - I Need Your Luv (Right Now) (Lem's Church Mix) [Eightball]
Ten City - All Loved Out [Ibadan]
Force Of Nature ‎– Unstoppable [Headinghome Recordings]
Phreek Plus One ‎– La Spirale (J's Loveboat Mix) [Internasjonal]
Marcello Napoletano ‎– Rush [What Ever Not]
Dj Oji - Oji Disco Pt 2 (Hangin' Out At The Disco) [Poji]
ManFriday feat. Larry Levan ‎– Real Love Nite Grooves [Nite Grooves]
Mike Anthony ‎– Why Can't We Live Together... CBS?

    5:20   AYBEE feat. Omega - Every Kind Of Way
    30:00   Alton Miller - Ngizo Ku Linda
    46:20   Craig Huckaby - The Answer
    51:40   Rhythim Is Rhythim - Salsa Life
    54:20   Derrick May - Strings of Life
    1:01:20   Ron Trent - New Dub Mix
    1:08:40   Chez Damier - I Never Knew Love
    1:16:20   Jungle Wonz - The Jungle
    1:21:00   Jungle Wonz - Time Marches On
    1:24:40   Soulphiction - Some Things Remain
    1:32:00   Robert Owens - Visions
    1:33:00   Marcellus Pittman - Make It Work
    1:43:40   Jordan GCZ - Crybaby J
    1:50:00   Wall Of Sound - I Need Your Luv (Right Now)
    1:59:20   Hawkeye - Unstoppable
    2:02:00   Phreek Plus One - La Spirale
    2:09:40   Marcello Napoletano - Rush
    2:20:40   Man Friday - Real Love
    2:30:40   Mike Anthony - Why Can't We Live Together

    Music Festivals, House, Paradise Garage, Pop
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