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    Pujd to Buy Sky

    Pujd to Buy Sky by Pujd
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A mix-up of some favourite house-trax of mine these early summer days, mostly pretty new stuff, but with a few very welcome re-issues (talking specifically about Dream 2 Science and remastered Trax) and a couple of old things I dug out.

It starts out with one of my top five's from maestro Larry Heard from the overlooked album "Alien" re-pressed now on Alleviated. Then there's a pretty recent track from the man behind Su-Paka-Pooh on a new label before a jazzy Boo and a triplette of deep acid, I don't need to type out their names, check the tracklist. Two of my top Madteo and Sotofett moments, of which there's quite a few now, follow suit, and it ends up in classic territory before Vin Sol and Red Rack 'em has given us a taste of the future. How High? To the sky.

At any rate, they all sound heavenly, or as I found it described in a Xinjiang themed restaurant in Beijing on a menu translated into English where a particularly delicious dish was dubbed, "Pakistani to buy sky". That serves as inspiration for the weird title of this mix. Well, whatever. If anyone is particularly interested in food trivia or translations from Chinese, I'll try to find the original, if not, just enjoy the deepness.

As per always when recorded at mine its all vinyl on 1210's through a pmc-07pro to a zoom recorder. Why fix it if it ain't (too) broken?

Pujd to Buy Sky:

Larry Heard - Dance of the Planet X [alleviated]
Chikashi Ishizuka - Step Forward [nice & slow]
Boo Williams - Crissy Jazz [chiwax]
Malcolm Moore - Way of the City [altered moods]
Ben Jenkins - Morning Company (live mix) [alleviated]
Takeshi Kouzuki - Whirlwind [macadam]
Madteo - We Doubt (You Can Make It) [nuearth kitchen]
Denaji - Wuhti (DJ Sotofett's Bhakti Crew Mix Feat. Paleo Logos) [unthank]
Vin Sol - Edges of a Vortex [unknown to the unknown]
Red Rack 'em - Converse [pattern]
Jordan Fields - 1986 in the Mix [headphoniq]
Pepe Bradock - Katoucha? [atavisme]
Dream 2 Science - Breathe Deep [rushhour/power move]
William S - I'll Never Let You Go (inst.) [trax]
Spencer Jones - How High (garage mix) [elite]

    0:00   Larry Heard - The Dance Of Planet X
    12:00   Boo Williams - Crissy Jazz
    23:00   Ben Jenkins - Morning Company
    1:02:20   Dream 2 Science - Breathe Deep
    1:05:20   William S - I'll Never Let You Go

    Deep House, ディープ・ハウス, Ambient, Chill Out, Deep House, Chicago House
    • Type: DJ-Set
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