15 MOTW 23

Theo Parrish changed my taste in music. When I heard "Heal Yourself and Move" the first time 15 years ago it was different from everything else I knew about until then. And I'm still listening to that sound now. It's time to do another tribute to the man and the great label Sound Signature.

This recording was cursed double. At first the memory card became corrupted and I tried numerous ways of recovering data and almost gave up before I tried the data carving program Photorec that normally is for recovering photographs from memory cards. So if you've ever get problems with your HD's, try that one. It's open source and free. Secondly I discovered that the balance was panned to the left on my mixer for one channel. To salvage that I tried to amplify the channel at the low intervals in Audacity, but I'm not very good and the result has some faults, or should we just call them ugly edits?

    Deep House
    • Type: DJ-Set
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