Here is some information about the Valles Marineris:

I admit that I did play on a double entendre with this song. The lyrics could be interpreted as being about a different kind of crack.

Lyrics: Mars Valles Marineris

Verse 1:
Such a great crack I see
Some think it is heaven
Other’s know it is you
Your special place
Your unique zone

Valles Marineris
You are so deep
Cut into the soul of your world

Verse 2:
Such a great canyon
Your heavenly delights for man
Along your Martian equator
Bring forth the depths
Bring it on

Verse 3:
Some think it grew
as your soul thickened
But I think you
Make it what it is
It makes you unique in the Universe

Verse 4:
Mariner 9 pointed you out to the world
Showing all what you had to offer
Perhaps water belongs there
But only you know your secrets
They are yours to bear

Unused lyrics:
Mars has a great canyon
It is called Valles Marineris
It is named after the Mariner 9
Discovered in 1972
The Valles Marineris is more than 4,000 km long
Some think it was formed by water
Other believe it is a giant crack in Mars

    Blurs-rock, rock and roll, Classic rock, Blues, guitar rock, Space-rock
    • Type: Original
    • Key: A
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