OK this is a really weird song. It is in 7/4 time and it combines elements of various muic genres. I suspect no one maylike it.

Here is some information on Ulima Thul:

Ultima Thule

Verse 1:
Looking for a fly by for New Horizons in 2014

In the Kuiper Belt
Lies Ultima Thule
A bi-lobed object
So far away and so small

Verse 2:
A public competition
Chose MU69
The Occultations were challenging
Miscalculations in Argentina and South Africa
The central shadow was missed

Ultima Thule

Verse 3:
When the pictures came in
Of the planetismal
More than four and half billion years old


Unused lyric ideas:
4 billion miles from the sun
What a site to see
Solar conjunction caused a pause in New Horizons download
First observed in 2014
And it is so small
To difficult to see in South Atlantic and Indian Ocean in 2018
We went to Senegal and Colombia
The occultations were difficult to observe
The contact binary extraordinaire
New Horizons Flyby to open 2019


    Experimental, Electronic, Electro, Electronica, Space, SpaceSynth, space rock, Space-Ambient
    • Type: Original
    • 87 bpm
    • Key: G
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