Prod'Cast #59 - "Circuit Banging" - Live by RobyUanKeRoby
85’25"- 195Mo - Free Download

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Ecletic liveset dj set performer since 2010, with a unique style that ranges between TeknoTribe to Drum n bass, mixing it with a lot of breakcore acid drums and basslines, exagerated synths, all spiced with a lot of vocal samples, most of them sampled from italian TV movies personal recording. it's a fact that one of his idols and inspiration is Dj Balli 🙂 member of Circuit Gang and founder and teacher of the Korg Electribe Academy, he mostly play live with a pair of blackened ESX and EMX, along with a KP3, all routed into a Mackie VLZ mixer. but if there are turntables around, he knows how to rock them well too!!
"The valve Force is strong in this one"
open for booking everywhere!!
May his sound be with you!!

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