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    #5 Prod'Cast #57 - "Human Flesh Mincer" Mix by sUShi by Produc'Sounds
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ROD’CAST #57 - Mix "Human Flesh Mincer" by sUShi
72’ 44"- 146Mo - Free Download


Bio (anglais)
Sushi starts playing electronic music in 2006, few years after he quitted singing in a metal band. In 2008 he starts producing and mixing industrial hardcore, influenced by the sound of early 2000 releases of artists such as the speed freak, radium, and hellfish. In 2010 he swiches off the computer and choose to continue his own work with a yamaha rs7000 groovebox, wich he still uses to compose some hardcore tracks and beats: his style is characterized by high speed, roaring distorced kickdrums, and an intense use of chopped samples like noises, hiphop vocals, jazz instrumentals, and whatever the hell he finds in his record collection. After years spent rocking illegal raves and squot partyies in Milan, his crew (the UFO tribe) breaks up and he decides to take some time for himself to learn about loudspeakers building. In 2016 he joins Circuit Gang, giving the crew some underground hardcore sound, crazy mixing technique, and his own self-built soundsystem.

X-fly - Neuroscan
Stormtrooper - Bang the drum (broken rulez remix)
X-fly & Frazzbass - Tormented by kill
Dj Japan - Play
Dcybl - Nanotek
The Speed Freak - Mongorian wardance
Cemtex - Bounce
D’tox - Unexpiable sin
Micron - Communicating with the dead
Rbmz - FPS in my head
Deadface - Noise killer
Psiko - Hotline destroyer
Deadface - Neverspeak
Gobus - Machine P3
Dj Mutante - A new level
Dj Mutante - Pump that pussy
Dj Mutante - Punks not dead
Aurel - Play effect
Radium - Future dope
Aurel - Dbz
X-fly - Neuroscan (Liquid Blasted remix)

    5:00   Xfly - Tormented by Kill
    9:00   Dj Japan - Play
    11:00   Dcybl - Nanotek
    15:20   The Speed Freak - Mongorian Wardance
    25:00   Micron - Sentimental
    30:40   RbMz - FPS in my head
    33:20   Deadface - Noise killer
    37:20   Psiko - Hotline Destroyer
    41:00   Deadface - Never speak
    44:20   Gobus - Machine Part 3
    47:20   Mutante - A New Level
    55:20   Mutante - Punks Not Dead
    1:00:00   Aurel Hollowgram - Play Effect

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