All sounds in demo are from the refill. Only Reason’s built-in EQ and effects have been applied.

Add the subtle authentic vibe that is a crucial aspect of modern music styles.

Contagious Synthesis is a collection of versatile and highly playable instruments built from careful recordings of discontinued cult classic hardware.

Current trends and chart-topping hits show how effectively the classic hardware sound works alongside today’s CPU-hungry megasynth plugins. Contagious Synthesis was created to be sublimely musical, with an infectious grit that makes for tracks that feel organic and genuine.

You’re getting:

31 multisampled NN-XT instruments
Unlike some “sample packs”, these instruments sound great in more than just a single octave thanks to multisampling. Go ahead, use basses as leads and vice-versa.

Thick, full timbre that can be shaped with EQ to sit anywhere in the mix.
Tuned for playability with modwheel programming.
No tonal processing to original recordings for maximum faithfulness and versatility.
Judicious recording and patch design gives you a wide palette of sounds in less than 200 MB. Faster download, less RAM and disk impact. Looping of samples is transparent and natural.

10 Combinators
A mix of tuned and shaped bass, lead, and rhythmic sounds with built in modulation and performance tweak options for extra depth and playability.
All processing done via stock Reason devices – you have creative options if you want to dig into the combis.
Performance knobs assigned and labeled.

7 Kong drum kits
Each kit contains full 16 sounds.
Clean drums, warped drums, synthesized oneshot SFX.
Sampled from hardware and tweaked for playability in Kong.
For Propellerhead Reason 5 and up.

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