This show originally aired at 7:00pm CDT on Tuesday 25 August 2020 on ModSnap Radio ( It features new music from Echoberyl, Closed Mouth, Dzhuna and Seatemples, and many more songs from 2020.

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    Echoberyl - A Prey
    Bizou - Kiss The Stars
    Cerulean Veins - Dance in the Darkness
    Vandal Moon - Black Kiss
    Riki - Böse Lügen (Body Mix)
    Torul - The Fall
    Crying Vessel - Buried Alive
    Novena Senda - Olvido
    Closed Mouth - A Void
    Raven Said - Fragile Hope
    Chemical Waves - The Sparkles In Your Eyes (feat EGOPRISME)
    Astari Nite - Leave the Winter on the Ground
    Black Angel - Call The Night
    Night Train To Nowhere - Inside Ink There Is No Feeling
    The Creeping Terrors - La Santa Muerte
    ????? - ??????
    EEP - Death of a Very Good Machine
    Versari - Tu te disais
    Fearing - Nothing New
    Animal Ghosts - Pulling
    Vlimmer - Schwanenhals
    Loveblind - A Strange Place
    Follow Me Not - Dreaming
    Seatemples - Chaosphere
    Pitch After Dark - Bump in the Night
    Icy Men - ? ???????? ?????? (In the Cold Eyes)
    Karl?v Týn - ????
    Laveda - Child
    Control Room - Black & Blue Flowers
    New Today - I Missed You
    French Police - Mission
    IAMTHESHADOW - Higher Than The Soul

    post-punk, Darkwave, Synthpop
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