This show originally aired at 7:00pm CDT on Tuesday 13 October 2020 on ModSnap Radio ( It features tracks from Sonsombre's masterwork of gothic rock from 2020, One Thousand Graves, along with two hours of classic and recent goth.

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    Sonsombre - Lights Out
    Midnight Configuration - No Real Mercy
    Orcus Nullify - The Wind
    Merry's Funeral - Paranoya
    Angels Of Liberty - Ritual & Tradition
    Rosetta Stone - I Put it to You
    Diavol StrĂ¢in - Neptuno
    Sonsombre - Darker Skies
    Merciful Nuns - Neo Alpha Genesis
    Christian Death - Spiritual Cramp
    Morosinthe - Dreizehn (Extended Version)
    Ariel Maniki and the Black Halos - Venus
    Lycia - Antarctica
    Sonsombre - Slow Kill
    Bauhaus - A God In An Alcove
    Golden Apes - Verity
    Play Dead - This Side Of Heaven
    Sex Gang Children - Ecstasy & Vendetta
    Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Tear Me Up
    Theatre of Hate - My Own Invention
    Peeling Grey - Under Darker Skies
    Sonsombre - Fire
    Mephisto Walz - They'll Never Find You
    Long Night - The Rain Still Falls
    Blessure Grave - Resting Place for Two
    AUTOBAHN - The Moral Crossing
    The Amaranth - My Turn Again
    The Sisters Of Mercy - Lucretia My Reflection
    Skinny Puppy - Sleeping Beast
    Boy Harsher - Modulations
    Dave Clarke - She's In Parties

    Gothic Rock, goth
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