• Jesse Posit Morris
    Ultimate Vector Burn Tribute Set - Mixed by DJ Posit

    Ultimate Vector Burn Tribute Set - Mixed by DJ Posit by Jesse Posit Morris
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This is a mix of all my favorite Vector Burn material. I put it together because I'm sure there are others out there like me who need an occasional 3+ hour dose of Vector Burn delivered straight to the brain with no nasty inconveniences such as track breaks. Most of it can be found online and free on his epic 2014 gift to the world "Ghost Maps" (Internet Recordings - internetrecordings.org/?p=968 ); the rest is glittering somewhere in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. It's mixed with a light touch compared to my usual DJ work, as these songs speak entirely for themselves. Cover image by me.

    0:00   Vector Burn - Intro: U Believe in Ghosts [Internet Recordings]
    1:05   Vector Burn - Graphite [Internet Recordings]
    7:53   Vector Burn - Reflective [Technorganic Recordings]
    13:42   Vector Burn - Bury me Standing [Scientia Recordings]
    18:07   Vector Burn - Cyan [Internet Recordings]
    26:10   Vector Burn - Hypothermia [Internet Recordings]
    34:34   Vector Burn - Plummet [Ohm Resistance/Offshore Recordings]
    40:27   Vector Burn - PNG III [Internet Recordings]
    45:22   Vector Burn - Propaganda [Replicant Audio]
    50:16   Vector Burn - Frozen Light [Cyanide Recordings]
    56:02   Vector Burn - Feed [Rehab Music]
    1:01:25   1:01:25 Vector Burn - Not Promised Tomorrow [Critical Recordings]
    1:07:13   Vector Burn - Oh Boy [Rehab Music]
    1:11:32   Vector Burn - Firefly [Scientia Recordings]
    1:18:08   Vector Burn - Blood Pressure [Internet Recordings]
    1:23:49   Vector Burn - Relapse [Internet Recordings]
    1:29:50   Vector Burn - JamOnIt [Internet Recordings]
    1:37:26   Vector Burn - No Future [Replicant Audio]
    1:43:21   Mav - Atomic Collision (Vector Burn remix) [Covert Operations/Warm Communications]
    1:48:12   Vector Burn - Oxygen Freeze [Internet Recordings]
    1:55:08   Vector Burn - Glaciers [Internet Recordings]
    2:00:40   Vector Burn - Even Stars Die Rebuild [Internet Recordings]
    2:05:03   Vector Burn - Frostbite [Internet Recordings]
    2:12:35   Vector Burn - Downer [Internet Recordings]
    2:19:00   Vector Burn - Icebreaker [Internet Recordings]
    2:25:25   Vector Burn - Sterile [Internet Recordings]
    2:31:28   Vector Burn - Human Element [Internet Recordings]
    2:38:04   Vector Burn - Force My Hand [Internet Recordings]
    2:44:46   Vector Burn - Silkworm [Internet Recordings]
    2:49:26   Vector Burn - Air Liquide [Internet Recordings]
    2:55:21   Vector Burn - Weightless [Internet Recordings]
    3:01:10   Vector Burn - Lithium Flower [Internet Recordings]
    3:07:03   Vector Burn - Spider Garden [Internet Recordings]
    3:11:49   Vector Burn - Warm Heart Turns Cold [Internet Recordings]
    3:17:19   Fanu - For Those Who Dream (Vector Burn remix) [Lightless Recordings]

    Neurofunk, Vacuumstep, Sidereal Bass, Sitting on the Event Horizon, It's Dark and Heaven is Cold
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • Vostok Station, Antarctica
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