it's the usual news: another wide arpeggiated cruise ship lost at sea - ill fated somewhere in the triangle of vangelis, kyuss and your apocalyptic mama. into the mælstrøm mirrors navigated, down the wörmhøle, warped, forever colliding chasm gasping for the waters from horizons, a pull into the all engulfing void to traverse sheer space unto the outer worlds, those far flung last fits of finite matter flickering in the dark like spray or dust, deserted speckles spread across the backdrop black of the infinite yonder. last transmission received was the call for an engineer hardly discernible amidst the oceanic noise and what could have been a sea of echoes, cosmic feedback of weird wild free electrically unchained guitars.

    wallofsound, sci-fi, desert , Epic, from outer space
    • 133 bpm
    • Key: Cm
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