Latvian dj and producer Will Sonic's (Nerd Records, Hustler Trax Records) musical journey began back in 2008, when he started djing. While being a dj ,somewhere in the process Will Sonic started to produce music and never stopped since. Will Sonic dug deep in house music roots where he found home for himself musically. While the love for classic and 90's style underground house music reflected in his dj sets and tracks, there always was a bit more deeper and darker, more techno side of Will Sonic going on. Nevertheless Will Sonic manages to keep things in balance, which makes his sound differ. He also leave his footstep on Pogo House Records through released in may 2015 his own EP with one groovy original track 'Crazy Over You' with two remixes which has been done by Iner and Martin Depp.

  1. SLOPE114 - Satya (Polyol Remix) [SLOPE114]
  2. Gregory Dub - Closer [A Friend In Need]
  3. Jizz - Behind The Sun [Pogo House]
  4. Ainëe, Gaeffen - BX [Housewax]
  5. Q3A - Untitled 1 [Delsin]
  6. Ed Herbst - Limelight [Beste Modus]
  7. Julian Alexander - JANC3 [XLR8R]
  8. Paul Rudder - No One Else (Hamdi Ryder Remix) [Underground Source]
  9. James Benedict - Double Peace [Madhouse]
  10. Janeret - Equinoxe [La Chinerie]
  11. Stevn Aint Leavn - Say My Name [Beste Modus]
  12. TRP - Pano [Lobster Theremin]




    32:40   Paul Rudder - No One Else
    51:20   TRP - Pano
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    Deep House
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