Bs As Deep argentinian dj and producer focusing on deepest shades of house with early garage influences. He also is a founder of one of most recognized label on that part of America. Onward Recordings to this day released over one hundred digital EP's included two vinyls in 2016. In the same year on Pogo House Records imprint was released his three tracker with summer tunes which you can find here:
Here is a special mix what he did for Pogo House only with his unreleased tunes.

01- Bs As Deep - Dissociative Frequencies (Original Mix)
02 - Bs As Deep - Were's My Dog (Original Mix)
03 -Bs As Deep - Funka (Original Mix)
04 - Ltj Experience - False Faces (Bs As Deep Club Mix)
05 - Bs As Deep - Mola (Original Mix)
06 - Bs As Deep- Panic (Original Mix)
07 - Bs As Deep- Good Sampler (Original Mix)
08 - Bs As Deep - Finding The Rhythm (Original Mix)
09 - Bs As Deep - Bich (Original Mix)
10 - Bs As Deep - Rautemaster (Original Mix)
11 - Bs As Deep - Night Club (Original Mix)




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