This is the first episode of my podcast about contemporary pop music for smart people. Support the show here: The reason I wanted such podcast to exist is difficult to pin down to one particular thing. But in large part it's because of how regularly I see smart people saying that music nowadays is a just a narrow range of crappiness between Drake and Kesha (or any current Top-40 artists). Forty years ago, the argument goes, we had Talking Heads, Cocteau Twins, Steely Dan, Kate Bush and Dire Straits — but nothing that comes even close to such music is produced nowadays. The pervasiveness of this attitude deeply saddens me, because personally I’ve spent the last 13 years enjoying the immense abundance of remarkably artful and humanistic music of today, which is in no way inferior to that of the "golden age”. Moreover, it’s often exactly like it: you literally can't tell apart which one was recorded when. You just gotta make an effort to find alternative music outside of mainstream culture. A decade ago there were hipster webzines to help you with that, but since then that whole institution broke down spectacularly, so I, for one, have to do my own digging and filtering, which I admit requires time and skill. The solution here is obvious: people like me should help those that were deceived by international media conglomerates into thinking that the music for stupid people, that they try to force-feed you with, is the whole music culture of today and there’s nothing else out there for you, boomer.

In other words, I want to create a podcast that you can send as a response to someone saying “They don't make it like they used to”. Not to win an argument, but to turn their life for the better.

Albums featured:
O Terno — <atrás/além>
Weyes Blood — Titanic Rising
Cate Le Bon — Reward
Jessica Pratt — Quite Signs
Helado Negro — This is How You Smile
Devendra Banhart — Ma
Kevin Morby — Oh My God
Intro music: Аквариум — Полтора метра над землёй

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