The idea for this song started as a joke by a colleague, but which was a sweet and good idea when I got to think about it. It is a bout Samira, a colleague of mine who found the love of her life while she was travelling. The guy is Spanish, and now she is moving in with him. We - that is me and the English department - wish her all the best.

All instruments played by Pleudoniem;
Lyrics, vocals and mixing as well.


Seedless like a Martian
Restless for the storms that kept
Sweeping up the breeze
Modest and brazen

As martians never sleep
They're always on the move
Taking to the clouds
To hit the cities

This time when she went
She hit upon a grain
Who recognised her song
To move in concert

Everywhere she lands
They'll love her
Everywhere she lives
They'll need her
We'll miss her when she's gone
We'll miss her now she's gone

I know that there are kin
Closer to the moon men
You see them when the clouds
Are gone and dark.

But martians seek the sun
A kiss in martial touch
To bleed and start the tale
In sweat and dreams

In time, from Thai, the tiger
Will play her rasgueados
Play her rasgueados
In Madrid
Pimientos de Padron
Savouring a Tom Yam
Let's take them home together
To Madrid

    Pop, 70s, funk, 80s
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