Just in time. I wanted to upload this before the clock struck the 2nd of January, and I think I may have succeeded. This is to get something off my chest. I don't think setting other people's cars on fire or terrorising a neighbourhood is a good way to celebrate a new year.

Nice Work Guys (Wish I Could Rain On Their Parade)

Workers cleaning streets from
Strings of reddish tape
Lying everywhere
Widespread on the ground
Those who spout them high
Won't ever clean up
When it's time to feast, it's
Beauty to the beasts

Wonderful to breathe
From this sky of toxic metal
Wish I had the mettle
To rain on the parade

Cos we're all being happy
Drinking cola and champagne
Munching from leftovers
Of our Christmas Turkey
Yes we're being happy
Watching safety on TV
Showing their leftovers
Greasy as ever

Firemen saving trees
Spouting water in their crusts
Bangers on the ground
Lying everywhere
The squibs just set them off
Hoping for a blast
Like a Christmas tree
On its funeral pyre

A sore sardonic smile
Is all that I can muster
Wish I had the guts
To rain on the parade

    Experimental, electronic punkrock, electro metal, alternative rock
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